Block Paving Bedford

Block Paving Bedford

Block Paving Bedford

Looking for Block Paving Company in Bedford?

When customers ask our advice about laying a new patio, or driveway, there there are often 3 requirements that they want to discuss: First they want a design that is eye-catching and stylish, second they’re looking for long-lasting materials that will continue to look good over time, and third, they’re looking to be able to make localised repairs if necessary, without leaving tell-tale signs.

Block paving, or brick paving, is one of our preferred choices; it can be used for pathways, courtyards or as a garden feature, as well as for drives or patios. The individual bricks come in a range of colours, sizes, patterns, textures and style, so whatever the project in hand – whether you’re going for a contemporary, quirky, or traditional look, you’ll be able to find exactly the materials you need.

Why Block Paving?

The advantages of block paving Bedford lies in its form; it is made up of individual bricks which can be lifted up and replaced should they crack, need repairs, or require localised replacement due to problems beneath the tiles. The bricks are made of clay, or concrete and can be laid in a range of patterns and designs, according to the surface use and environment.

How Block Paving is Laid

Ampthill Building Company Bedford builders identify six steps which are required to create strong and resilient block paving that will last through weather extremes, and normal to heavy usage:

Step 1: We dig out the construction area for block paving Bedford, and assess whether or not surface water will need to be removed. If so, we lay drainage to avoid future problems.

Step 2: The perimeter of the block paving area is marked using decorative edge restraint. The edges are set in concrete to clearly define the block paved area, and stop it from spreading.

Step 3: We lay a geo-textile membrane over the excavated area before adding aggregate. This stops the two materials from mixing, helps with drainage, and stops weed growth.

Step 4: The excavated area is filled with aggregate stone, then grit sand, and finally the screed is leveled over the compacted aggregates to the required height. This forms the foundation for the block paving.

Step 5: The block paving is laid according to the design, texture and patterning of your choice. For driveways we would recommend the herringbone pattern as the interlocking design provides a strong surface area.

Step 6: Once the block paving is laid, kiln dried sand is applied to the surface area and the paving is compacted. The sand is swept in to seal the joints.

Our Block Paving Bedford is Stylish and Resilient

This particular type of paving is a favourite with our teams of professional builders because the end results tend to be spectacular and our customers are always delighted to see their vision take shape, transforming their garden, patio or driveway. Professionally laid block paving Bedford is low maintenance, and quickly beds in to become an integral part of your domestic exterior environment.

labc awards regional winnerAward Winning Local Builder Provides Block Paving in Bedford

We’re proud holders of the LABC Regional Building Excellence Award 2018 for ‘Best Local Builder’ and the pressure is now on for us to maintain that reputation with every single job we do. One of the many ways we maintain our high standards of customer service is by offering dedicated project management for every job – so you can be sure the work will be done on time and to budget.

Our team of skilled builders have had plenty of experience over the years with laying block paving in a range of different environments. We can offer advice, ideas, designs and lots of options for you to choose from. You’ll find our quotes for block paving for Bedford and surrounding areas competitively priced, and we promise that there won’t be any nasty budget surprises once we start work!

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