Bespoke New BuildsAt Ampthill Building Company we care that our clients get the new home they want, rather than the one they’re given. We’ll work closely with you to create your new home by talking through your vision, and offering a range of bespoke options to achieve it.

Building Your Bespoke Home

All too often, buyers feel that they’re simply being sold an identikit home with no chance to choose unique features. At Ampthill Building Company we believe in giving every client the opportunity to create the unique home they want to live in. We do this by offering clients a range of high quality bespoke features to realise their vision.

Dealing With the Builder Direct

At every stage of the process Ampthill Building Company clients are talking directly to the builders who are constructing their home. This personal approach ensures that your new build reflects your vision every step of the way. As our builders get to know what it is you want to create, we can offer suggestions to enhance and develop your ideas further.

Keeping Your Business Local

We’re a local building company with two decades of experience, and a reputation we’re proud of. We’re also regional winners of an LABC Building Excellence Award for sustained contribution to the provision of high quality work for local customers. We’re not a distant corporate entity, we’re a local business, with a proven commitment to delivering excellence.

Offering High Quality Bespoke New Builds

Our highly skilled builders and craftsmen will manage every step of your bespoke new build process. We create a detailed brief, in consultation with clients, and fulfil it using only high quality materials.

Reasons to Buy Bespoke:

  • You’ll get the home you want, every step of the way
  • Our new builds are unique to each client
  • We pay careful attention to every detail
  • Talk to the person building your home, directly
  • Work with a local business that has built a great reputation

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