Ampthill Building Company Are Awarded a ‘Street Works Licence’

Ampthill Building Company Are Awarded a ‘Street Works Licence’

Ampthill Building Company Are Awarded a ‘Street Works Licence’

Ampthill Building Company Are Awarded a ‘Street Works Licence’

As a building company we’re used to complex accreditation procedures and we’re always pleased to be successful in achieving them. The Street Works Licence is particularly important to us, though, and we’re absolutely delighted to have been awarded it. This particular licence requires detailed training and complex administration – so it’s a huge relief to be able to announce that we’re now registered.

The Street Works Licence

Why is the Street Works Licence so important to us? First, building companies holding this registration are pretty rare – which adds to the value of what we can offer clients. Second, it allows us to create temporary road closures when working on new build properties or commercial premises. This would normally be required for excavations and the laying of utility pipes in preparation for connection.

Ampthill Building Company Are Awarded a ‘Street Works Licence

The Advantages of Working With A Street Works Licensee

Getting all the utilities connected for a new build is a complicated process, especially as it will require digging into a public road on the street. There are extremely stringent regulations around using digging equipment, or ‘apparatus’ on a public road as it impedes traffic and pedestrians. The only circumstances in which such work can take place is if you have a Street Works Licensee involved.

Licensees carry responsibility for giving 7 days notice (unless the work is an emergency in which case 2 hours notice is required). Additionally, they are charged with minimising inconvenience to road users, setting up traffic signals if required, and ensuring that the structure of the street isn’t damaged as a result of the work.

Bringing Your Vision to Life

At Ampthill Building Company we are committed to providing comprehensive building solutions for our clients. It may be a new extension, a home office, or a complete home renovation. Delivering on our promise means consistently extending our in-house expertise in order to be able to offer the specialist skills and knowledge that set us apart from the rest.

Ampthill Building Company are delighted to have been awarded a Streets Work Licence. We are now registered to carry out excavations on a public road. If you need help with any project, give us a call on 01525 610555 / 07957 435556.